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Whether this is your first experience with therapy, or you have some previous experience to draw from, I welcome you, and commend you for taking the first step in the process.  Choosing a therapist can be a daunting task, and I believe that finding that right fit is an essential part of your journey.  I place great value on the therapeutic relationship and will strive to earn your trust while fostering a relaxed, empathetic and supportive environment.  I take a collaborative approach with my clients and will work at a pace that feels comfortable to you as I appreciate just how challenging this work can be.  I work primarily with adults and see individuals as well as couples in my practice.  I also run a Saturday morning and Monday night group on Overcoming Codependency.  Whether you are feeling anxious, depressed or just feeling stuck in your life, I will seek to better understand your unique challenges first, and then work with you to gain balance and obtain happiness in your life.

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My work with individuals is heavily influenced by the theory of AEDP, or Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy and I am certified in this model.  From this framework, I seek to create a secure space where my clients can feel safe and share all parts of themselves, knowing I will be there with them to help “undo their aloneness” in the face of trauma, loss and painful emotions.  AEDP holds that we are all wired for healing and have an innate capacity for recovery and resiliency. For more information on AEDP, check out my FAQ's page.

I accompany my clients as a guide, a witness, a collaborative “trusted other” to help them connect with themselves and with others in new ways by privileging the positive and increasing their capacity to recognize their unique strengths and adaptive qualities.  The behaviors we choose, and the ways we respond to life’s challenges are always there for a reason.  Even if you’re seeking support to help you change behaviors that present as destructive, or are no longer serving you, I will help you understand the origin of these behaviors and how at one point in your life, they were created as a sophisticated means of coping with your surroundings at that time.  My approach is always free of judgement and non-pathologizing.  Instead, with a stance of curiosity and compassion, we can gain insight that will empower you to choose a different way of being and interacting with the world that will leave you more confident and in control.  I appreciate that beginning therapy can be a hopeful, but intimidating experience, so I welcome your courage and strength for taking the first step, and invite you to reach out to me for a free phone consultation.      


I specialize in working with couples and I've received advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).  For over 6 years I facilitated EFT classed within the Kaiser healthcare system, and I've presented at, and assisted with, EFT Hold Me Tight workshops for couples designed to promote healing and connection.  I believe that you don't have to be in great distress to benefit from couples therapy, and you deserve to have the connection you've always wanted. For more information on EFT, check out my FAQ's page.  



In addition to in person therapy services, I offer telehealth services via videoconferencing to California residents. Providing therapy electronically helps expand access to care for clients who might not otherwise have access to treatment. Teletherapy is convenient and user friendly. All you need is a wifi connection - no other software is required. 


Healing our relational patterns and healing ourselves

Sometimes we get so caught up in how others will view us, or react to us, that we struggle to stand up for ourselves, or for our needs to get met.  Sometimes we question if our needs even matter, or if our emotions are valid.  If you find that you’re taking all of your cues from others, and have lost your ability to tune into your own feelings and needs, I am here to help. 


People with codependency tendencies struggle in silence and often times feel paralyzed due to intense guilt, fear, and anxiety.  My class is here to “undo your aloneness” and provide you with insight, knowledge and skills that will help you begin to engage differently with yourself and those around you.  My class is designed to empower you to stand up for yourself and set boundaries with others, increase intimacy in your relationships, choose different friends and partners, show up differently at your job or with your family, and ease life-long depression and anxiety.  Making changes to life-long patterns is no small feat, but I can speak from my 11 years of running this class, that change is possible, and I’m here to help guide you.



Making the initial call is a great first step and I offer a free phone consultation so that you can determine if I'm the right fit for you. You can reach me at 619.818.0375 or write me below

Please note: Telehealth services are available to California residents.

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