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If you have any questions that aren’t listed above, please feel free to reach out to me directly. I look forward to hearing from you.

Overcoming Codependency

Overcoming Codependency
(8 Week Class)

People who suffer from codependency tendencies are some of the most compassionate, empathetic and caring people you'll meet. They fix, rescue, care-take, enable and give of their time and energy. 

Unfortunately, often times codependent people are blind to their own needs and often feel used, abused and taken advantage of.


  • Do you feel responsible for other people’s feelings, thoughts or well being?

  • Do you feel trapped, hopeless or helpless in your relationship/s?

  • Do you consider yourself a people pleaser or have difficulty saying no to others?

  • Do you find yourself providing help and/or advice without being asked?

  • Do you engage in a pattern whereby you give or overextend yourself only to feel angry or resentful when your sacrifices are not appreciated or reciprocated?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from this class.


  • Learning how to set boundaries with others 

  • Learning how to stop allowing guilt and/or anxiety to drive your decisions 

  • Learning how to identify manipulative and maladaptive dynamics

  • Learning assertive communication 

  • Learning how to tune in to your own emotions and needs

  • Learning how to regulate your emotions and reactivity

  • Learning alternative coping skills/self-care

  • Learning how to self validate and improve self esteem

Overcoming Codependency course consists of 8 weekly classes (75 minutes each) at a cost $400 for the course ($50 per session) with payment options available. An early bird special is being offered at $380 for those who choose to reserve and pay for the course in advance. Classes are currently offered on Thursday evenings from 6:05 pm to 7:20 pm.  Please contact Jodi for start dates, with any questions, or to reserve your spot.

Please contact the group facilitator for any questions or interest and feel free to check out this
link to a video previewing the class:

Jodi Staszak, MFT
(phone) 619.818.0375

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